Catapult into 2016

“It was just advice I needed to hear to catapult into 2016.”

Hi!  I’m very excited to start of 2016 with some momentum.  Who knew a Christmas present would be just the kick start I needed.  This year the gifts I received from my husband were very personal and heartfelt.  He gave me artsy gifts, speaking to my artistic soul, the best of which was a book by Jewel, her latest release titled Never Broken.


Jewel’s writings are incredibly vulnerable and I think what I appreciated the most is that in an age of gloss and glamour, Ms. Kilcher wasn’t aftraid to show the dirt and grit of her past or the truth of her behind the scenes life, which was often filled with heartache and loneliness, despite images of her conquering the world.  At age 40, she was quite honest with herself and her past, self-reflective about not just her music, but about her shortcomings, failures and areas of growth as a human being.  I felt that I was reading about a life that was on a quest for healing and that this woman found it in nature and in the presence of the Creator.

Well, something happened to me when I read this book, perhaps it was one of her conclusive statements commenting on the brevity of life as an artist.  As an artist, we are here to make art, and as simple as it sounds, it was just advice I needed to hear to catapult into 2016.

I’ve long toyed with the idea of performing in a new city and I’m ready to make a move.  This morning I met with my producer Erica von Kleist to discuss the possibility of adding a few tours to 2016 and, as I expected, she was game.  Of course having goals sometimes means that you need to work or think backwards in order to get from point A to point B.  “Pretty Bird” is a great EP, though it is not representative of the jazz shows that Erica and I put on together.  This means we need a new demo sampler, which means we’re heading into the recording studio soon!  I love it!  I love starting with a goal and thinking backwards about how to make an idea a reality.

So with this demo we will be able to show venue owners a glimpse of what we do, what our sound is like and they can gauge the appropriate time and setting for us to perform.

We also discussed putting on a free show for Erica’s non-profit organization Groovetrail at a local home for the elderly in Kalispell.  I also love these kinds of shows, sharing music with people who need it the most and who are least expecting to have their day brightened up with some amazing music.

Of course, we are also well on our way into our Latin EP recording project.  If you’d like to hear more about it, please join my email-mailing list on the CONNECT page.  Note, this is different than my postcard mailing list, which is dedicated to sending you love letters.  If you’d like a postcard, please fill in your entire mailing address on the CONNECT  page in addition to your email address.



4 thoughts on “Catapult into 2016

  1. Molly!

    and you said you don’t have much to say – wow – i LOVED this newsletter – your writing style is wonderful and captivating – It really drew me in and I like what you shared about Jewel and her genuineness and how it inspired you.

    I am really excited for these new recording projects and some possible venues – you should make california a stop in there somewhere 😉

    I just arrived tonight and feel at home already.

    Many blessings,



    1. Thank you Sarah!

      You’re so sweet and encouraging! It was great to see you before you left! I’ve been thinking about you a lot.
      I plan to write a blog entry twice a month and just talk about what musical process I’m in, since there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes. It’ll hopefully create some momentum for myself and others as well.

      I would love to perform in California sometime, especially in the Napa area. 🙂 It is so beautiful there and still one of my favorite places for a family bike ride. And the food is INCREDIBLE too. 🙂 Enjoy your time there, we can’t wait to visit.

      Lots of love,

  2. I am SO proud of you! You have such an angelical and stunning voice. You did such a fabulous job with The Pretty Bird album, LOVE IT! I just can’t say enough about the heartfelt, emotional meaningful words, relaxing and beautifully produced album! I am looking forward to your even greater success! Thanks for making everyone happy with you music!
    We love you! M.

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