Should I be Crushed?

Molly Mitchell at Snoring Hound Studios in Somers, MT. Photo by Oshinn Reid.

Oh my goodness, I am having fun this month, and that is a nice change because February in Montana is not without it’s challenges.  Fortunately, we’ve had plenty of blue bird days for downhill skiing as well as cross country skiing with friends and family.  I know, I’m totally blessed to live here.

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, many local musicians are anticipating the heartbreaking closing of Crush Wine Bar in downtown Whitefish.  It is pretty much the only music venue for local musicians in town that doesn’t double as a restaurant or other primary establishment.  Crush was the location of my “Pretty Bird” EP Release Party and I will always have fond memories of what was a spectacular night there.  Here are some photos from last June’s release:

As a musician, I find myself thinking a lot about what type of venue will replace or substitute for this local music hall.  I’ve been dreaming up a jazz dinner club for quite some time.  It appears that currently, many local restaurants tuck their live musicians in a far back corner and ask them not to play too loudly (in a space never acoustically designed for live music in the first place!).  It’s a temporary solution to a broader issue.

It’s sort of the duct tape Montana-fix, if you will.  It works, but no one is sure for how long.

Fortunately, our town is supportive of live music and I feel that eventually something new will open up.  We may never have the perfect architecture, but we do have well seasoned singers and instrumentalists who are masters at their craft, ready to share their talents with receptive listeners who are eagerly waiting to be inspired.  

Here are a few of my favorite local talents:

New Wave Time Trippers

Erica von Kleist

Eric Krop

Mike Eldred

Mike Murray

In other news, I’ve been back to the recording studio at Snoring Hound this month with Studio Engineer Jeff Waggoner and pianist Erica von Kleist.  We had a lot of fun and everybody did an incredible job.  If you want more details about what happened there, be sure to sign up for my newsletter list on the CONNECT page:

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Take a listen to “Feeling Good” by Anthony Newley and Leslie Bricusse.  Erica and I recorded it in one and only take, which is kind of like a hole-in-one!  Enjoy!



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