“Girl, put your records on…”- Corriene Bailey

“Girl, put your records on…” – Corriene Bailey

If you’re like me, you’re starting to question the number of hours you’ve spent reading about politics and binge watching related YouTube videos. While at times this national “yo-mama” contest has had its entertaining highlights, the truth is, once the giggles subside, we’re all a little baseline stressed about what the future holds.

However, it’s also a good time to remind ourselves that we are more in control of our emotions and choices than we give ourselves credit for.. we can chose to be CREATIVE rather than REACTIVE. After all, these are the same letters simply re-arranged. 

In the next 3 days, if you feel tensions rising, it’s a signal to take excellent care of yourself. Put on a cup of tea with lemon and honey and listen to some relaxing music. Dial it back. The beauty of music can lower your cortisol levels and remind you of your ability to breathe and feel more in control of what may appear to be a totally out of control environment.

If you have a radio, find a relaxing station. If you have an instrument, take it out of its case. If you have a shower, NOW IS THE TIME TO SING. “The Storm is Passing Over” is an old spiritual I sing to myself when my surroundings feel overwhelming.

Bring some earbuds to the polls and take several deep breaths.
Say a little (or big) prayer for our country and remember that even if things seem entirely messed up, God is still in control. Exhale!

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  1. Molly, you’re a very wise young woman. There’s nothing like music to soothe our soul in this world we live in today. Love you and keep your music coming.

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