January 2020. Update 1.


I’ve had several people ask me what I’ve been up to lately and if I’m still doing music.

The answer is YES! I am still doing music while juggling many other things!

My most recent project due for release in 2020 is one that I’m very VERY excited about!!

Last summer, I went out on a limb to chase a dream of mine.  I secretly (or not so secretly) love listening to rap and hip/hop, and while my vocal training background is in classical, jazz, and musical theatre, I knew it was time to step out into a new genre.  While I’m a terrible rapper myself, I do love songs that begin with lyrical vocals and then feature rappers.  As luck would have it, I found the most amazing producer in Los Angeles who would swiftly become my new friend and musical collaborator.  He sings AND raps on our upcoming album.  I even had to twist his arm a bit to rap on more than one track!  I’m thankful that I did and that he took a chance on my vision for this upcoming EP and single.

I’m so so pleased with the work we’ve done so far.  One of my goals in making this record was to create more pop-culture sounding music that I want to listen to myself.  It’s flirty.  It’s truthful.  It’s brutally honest.  And it’s downright inspiring.  My prayer for this EP is that you’ll find yourself dancing or swaying to it in your car or your kitchen, maybe even in the morning while you’re putting on your makeup.  May this music also provide some healing to America, whose heart seems to hurt on the daily, and needs restoration and peace.

I have a few goals connected to this album as well:  One purpose is that I wish to create music videos with some of the incredibly talented people found right here in the Flathead Valley of Montana.  My second goal is to have our Christmas single placed in a Netflix Christmas film, so I ask for your help in this area, so any connections you may have, please send them my way.  I am stepping out in faith on this one, which is an area of growth for me as I tend to like to do everything myself and not ask for help.  So please message me if you any ideas, contacts, or suggestions!

Finally, I’m beginning an adventure with BeautyCounter, a clean makeup, and skincare line I love and have used for over a year.  If you’d like to support my musical ventures, keep your eyes out for album pre-sales and in the meantime, splurge on some fantastic safer products for yourself: https://www.beautycounter.com/mollymccune

Lots of love,

Please don’t hesitate to message me along this journey. I plan to keep you more updated this year than last.  And finally, feel free to share my Pages https://lynxinbio.com/mollyc with your friends around the world.


January 2020 Molly Dimitri

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