Molly Mitchell: singer, pianist and songwriter. 

Molly Mitchell’s first soprano voice echoes like a flute in a cathedral, yet give her a sultry song to sing and she resonates like a cello.  She’s been compared to Norah Jones, Sheryl Crow and Fiona Apple, though as a Colombian-American, Molly also writes, sings and records in fluent Spanish.

As a pianist, Molly reharmonizes her favorite songs in modern jazz style under the tutelage of producer Erica von Kleist, a multi-Grammy nominee, jazz flautist, saxophonist and pianist.  Mitchell also composes original music with honest lyrics and fluid melodies, while performing her songs with rich captivating emotion.

Mitchell attributes her talents to her diverse musical background.  Having previously studied flute, piccolo, guitar and jazz violin, her bi-cultural upbringing also exposed her to a variety of musical genres from spirituals and bluegrass to salsa and merengue.

Family members began tape recording Mitchell’s songs at age three, and by age seven, she performed her first vocal solo for hundreds of people.  She embarked on her musical journey with more solo performances and musical theatre productions.

As a teenager, she appeared as the lead role of Cinderella in Stephen Sondheim’s “Into The Woods”.  Immersed in music, Molly was accepted into the prestigious Governor’s School of North Carolina where she received a full scholarship to study choral music as one of twelve first sopranos in the state.

Mitchell attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where she received degrees in Communications Studies and Spanish.  She spent a semester abroad in Spain, though while in North Carolina she studied jazz with recording artist Alexis Cole, jazz vocalist and pianist.  After university-wide auditions, UNC Jazz Lab Band and Jazz Combos selected Mitchell as the solo jazz vocalist for both bands.

Shortly after graduation, Mitchell recorded her first demo in English, Spanish and Italian.  She received encouragement from music industry professionals to focus on jazz.  She then performed at JazzVoxfest, appeared on jazz radio and played in her own band in numerous jazz clubs.

At the age of 24, Mitchell earned her MBA in management and completed a thesis on independent music management.  While interested in business, she felt a pull back to the recording studio, where she recorded a demo of original compositions in both English and Spanish.

Soon after Mitchell met her beloved husband, with whom she has two beautiful daughters.  The family relocated to Montana where Molly continues to study music, perform and record.

Mitchell’s latest EP “Pretty Bird” was recorded at SnowGhost Studios with engineer Brett Allen with additional recording at Renegade Studios with engineer Marco Forcone.  The project was mixed and mastered by Marco Forcone and produced by Erica von Kleist.

Released May 20, 2015, “Pretty Bird” is dedicated in loving memory of Jean Amidon.

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